País IDH
181 Iraq No da
180 Afghanistan no da
179 Liberia no da
178 Somalia no da
177 Sierra Leone 0,336
176 Burkina Faso 0,370
175 Guinea-Bissau 0,374
174 Niger 0,374
173 Mali 0,380
172 Mozambique 0,384
171 Central African Republic 0,384
170 Chad 0,388
169 Ethiopia 0,406
168 Dem. Rep. of the Congo 0,411
167 Burundi 0,413
166 Ivory Coast 0,432
165 Zambia 0,434
164 Malawi 0,437
163 Benin 0,437
162 Angola 0,446
161 Rwanda 0,452
160 Guinea 0,456
159 Tanzania 0,467
158 Nigeria 0,470
157 Eritrea 0,483
156 Senegal 0,499
155 The Gambia 0,502
154 Uganda 0,505
153 Yemen 0,508
152 Togo 0,512
151 Zimbabwe 0,513
150 East Timor 0,514
149 Djibouti 0,516
148 Kenya 0,521
147 Sudan 526
146 Haiti 0,529
145 Papua New Guinea 0,530
144 Cameroon 0,532
143 Madagascar 0,533
142 Nepal 0,534

Country HDI
20 Italy 0,941
19 New Zealand 0,943
18 Luxembourg 0,944
17 Belgium 0,946
16 United Kingdom 0,946
15 Austria 0,948
14 Denmark 0,949
13 Spain 0,940
12 United States 0,951
11 Finland 0,952
10 France 0,952
9 Netherlands 0,953
8 Japan 0,953
7 Suitzerland 0,955
6 Sweden 0,956
5 Ireland 0,959
4 Canada 0,961
3 Australia 0,962
2 Norway 0,968
1 Iceland 0,968

This is the 2009 Lent Campaing web page. In order to access to the 2010 web page click on Fundación SM

When evening came,
the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman,
“Call the workers and pay them their wages,
beginning with the last ones hired
and going on to the first”.

(Mt 20, 8)

Another year we are getting close to the last ones at Lent. It is to them that we will dedicate these coming forty days, while we are walking towards the Cross and towards the Easter Glory, through this time of conversion and acceptance of our sins, through this time of feeling and practising compassion. It is also a time to think about the real situation of our society and to do something about the structures of injustice, oppression and sin, in which many human beings are living, especially the poorest ones.

It is with this spirit that we approach the people who live in the most underdeveloped countries, the forty countries with the least HDI (Human Development Index), according to the annual report of development from the NATO.

In this way we expect:

To show and to improve our sensitivity towards those considered to be the last ones in everything : the last in the society, the last in the classroom, the last in the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, they are God favourite people, and also our favourite ones, just because they are not the best, but the last ones.

To listen to what the people from those countries tell us in their letters this year. To read what they want to tell us without being prejudiced, trying to understand why they are telling us those things.

To better know the real situation in which people live in those countries and to be aware of our reality and our values, by contrast. To wonder about what has caused those situations, and think about their possible solutions.

To let us be enlightened by the Word of God. He has something to tell us, as well. His Word makes us pray, and in our prayer we present to Him the lives of the people considered to be the last ones. We also thank him for the people who work to help them, and we ask Him to forgive us for our sins. Finally we pray God to grant us the grace of being available and generous.

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