Estos dás transmitimos a la Familia Marianista de Japón la fuerza de nuestra oración y nuestra solidiaridad. Recibimos esta carta de una hermana marianista de japón, con la autorización para ponerla en AGORA.


Because of the big earthquake and “TSUNAMI”, especially in east northern part (side of Pacific Ocean) more than 1000 people died. And still 10000 people disappeared; not sure died or not. It shows how huge the calamity was.

Tokyo is far from origin place and still affected with it. They say it is point 5. It was the biggest earthquake we have experienced. We were afraid because of so big shaking. All the trains stopped; many people walked back homes for hours.

Some staid in the office all the night without eating. In our school, 100 high school students stayed in the school. Our Sisters are all okay and same as the buildings.

However, we feel shaking many times and also, according to the weather cast, big earthquake will be coming. From now on, in each district, electricity stops one by one in order to share the electricity. It is because of shortage. In Chofu, 6 hours

Electricity will stop. We have to share energy.

In Mari Kinder, they prolonged graduation ceremony one week after. Two of our sisters cannot contact with their family yet. We are worried about their families.

We are very thankful for the people like you sending mail or telephones, at the same time, other countries concerning for Japan, they send rescue group and sending foods or clothes, because now it is very cold in Japan.

We also should do what we can do: of course praying, donating. Tokyo diocese called our support, through Caritas Japan. It may be very good chance. It is Lenten season: this is a good sacrifice in this time. On the night Jesus died. He shared His body to tear and gave each piece to all the disciples.

During this season, we tear our hearts to tear and share it with the people who are suffering everywhere. It is our sacrifices to offer to

God.  Please pray for the people and for us.

With Mary

Sr. Asumpta Ito FMI

Lunes, 14 de Marzo de 2011 17:49

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